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Heritage Folk Music, Inc.'s mission is to collect, preserve, document, display and interpret the regional and historic folk music, folklore and oral history of New York State, including specifically the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River Valley. We are a non-profit tax exempt 501 (c) 3 corportation. ********************
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Heritage Folk Music, Inc.

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Heritage Folk Music will present its annual Hootenanny on Sunday, Sept. 13 from 3-6 p.m. in the barn behind Kiersted House, 119 Main Street, Saugerties, NY.  The event will be titled "Raise the Rafters," and will be a fund raiser for the Saugerties Historical Society, which owns and operates Kiersted House and the barn.  Admission is $5 per person (performers included).

Musicians interested in performing in the hoot should contact Scott Berwick at  Each musician will be given the opportunity to lead one song, and to jam on others' songs.  There is a limited number of spaces available, and they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Heritage Folk Music, Inc's mission is to collect, preserve, document, display and interpret the regional and historic folk music, folklore and oral history of New York State, including specifically the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River Valley.

Schedule 2013

“Sing Out! Hootenanny” November 17, 2013

Sing Out! Magazine has been the national folk music magazine for over 60 years.   During that time a lot of the material they have published has reflected the historic folk music of New York, especially the Catskills and Hudson River Valley.    On Sunday, November 18th, over many notable regional folk singers will be jamming together at a Hootenanny at the Hurley Reformed Church celebrating the music of Sing Out!
Hootenanny performers planning to attend include Rich Bala, Andy BingJim Donnelly, Mira Fink, Michael Eck, David and Kathy Gordon, Doc Howells, Abby Lepper, Michael Glick, Pat Keating and Linda Fraser, Pat Lamanna, and Bob Lusk,

The Hootenanny is scheduled for November 17 from 3-6 pm at the Hurley Reformed Church, 11 Main Street, Hurley, NY 12443  (Right off Route 209) For more information you can reach Bob Lusk at (845) 594-4412 or and  Donation only $5!

Past Concerts

Past Concerts

July 15

Camp Woodland Reunion , Phoenicia, NY

May 20, 2012
“Roots of the 1969 Woodstock Festival” - Weston Blelock - A historic presentation, booksigning and and discussion. May 20th, from 3-5 pm at the Kiersted House, 119 Main Street, Saugerties, NY 12477. free

Nov 20 – Hootenanny
Benefit for Flood Victims ! 2011 St. James Methodist Church, Pearl St, Kingston, NY Multiple Grammy Award Winner TOM CHAPIN, Blues Master ROY BOOK BINDER, Vocal Virtuoso PRISCILLA HERDMAN (w/ guitarist Max Cohen)
2-5 pm $20 admission. All proceeds will go to flood victims in Ulster, Green, Schoharie, and Delaware Counties.

Tom Chapin ( With a career spanning more than 30 years, 20 recordings, and numerous awards (including 3 Grammys), Tom has entertained audiences of all ages with life-affirming original songs played with personal warmth and outstanding musicianship. The NY Times calls him “one of the great personalities in contemporary folk music”. His live performances engage the hearts, minds, and imaginations of both children and adults alike. Tom says, about his musical influences, “My musical heroes are people like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie, who wrote and sang real songs for real people; for everyone, old, young, and in between.” He has contributed satiric topical songs to NPR’s “Morning Edition”, and works tirelessly on behalf of environmental causes and charitable organizations, such as WhyHunger, which was formed in 1975 by his brother, Harry.

Roy Book Binder ( Roy has earned the title of “blues master” as a “Road Scholar”. In the 1960’s and 70’s he travelled with the Rev. Gary Davis, rediscovered and played with blues legend Pink Anderson, and hasn’t stopped since then. Since the mid-1970’s he has toured with Bonnie Raitt, JJ Cale, Jorma Kakaunen, and Hot Tuna, to name just a few. Criss-crossing the country in his touring van, he’s performed at the Chicago Blues Festival, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest, Merlefest, and the Philadelphia Folk Fest numerous times. His name is included in The Big Book of Blues and The Blues Who’s Who.

Priscilla Herdman ( Known for her exceptional voice of uncommon range, depth, and clarity, and admired as an insightful song-finder for her ability for choosing timeless songs that touch the heart, Priscilla has won devoted fans both nationally and abroad. In more than 30 years of performing and recording, she has received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. Stephen Holden of the NY Times said “she has one of the clearest and most compelling voices in contemporary folk music”, and Scott Alarik of The Boston Globe wrote “her voice is miraculously pure and effortlessly beautiful, a voice that immediately draws people in and wins them over.”

St James Methodist Church ( Built in 1893, the church has many interesting architectural details. The sanctuary is oriented diagonally with the altar (the “stage”) facing the corner of Pearl and Fair Street. The upholstered and padded pews “fan out” in a semi-circular configuration from the altar. There is also a curved balcony that overlooks the ground level. There are three very large stained glass windows on each of the exterior walls, with one of them designed by Tiffany. A 100 ft. bell tower stands over the main entrance at the corner of Pearl and Fair St., which is where concert goers will enter. Located next to the Ulster County Office Building, there is plenty of free parking available in the church lot, the county lot, and on the street.


Past Concerts 11/21/10 - We had a wonderful Hootenanny/Auction this year. Performers included Scott Berwick - Andy Bing - The Big Caboose & His Jug Squeezers - Jim Donnelly – Michael Eck - Bob Horan - Doc Howells - Denise Jordan Finley & Daniel Pagdon - Kingston Sea Chantey Singers - Pat Lamanna - Bob Lusk – Deborah Martin - Ernie Mortuzans & Jeanne Weiss - Peigi Mulligan -Constance Rudd –and “Veteran in a New Field”. There were lots of wonderful donations of instruments, records and songbooks. Barcone’s Music in Kingston donated a cello, Music Works in Saugerties donated an amplifier and Bob Burroughs of Rhinebeck donated a large quantity of flutes and tin whistles.

August 14th and 15th 2010 -The spirit of Camp Woodland with Joe Hickerson, Pat Lamanna and Sue Rosenberg. Two sold out shows and partys after. Cosponsored by the Woodstock & Saugerties Historic Societys.

May 16th 2010 - George Ward gave a wonderful presentation on the anti rent wars of the 1800's. At the Kiersted House, Main St Saugerties, NY Many Americans - Hudson Valley, Taconic and Catskill residents not least - know nothing at all of the citizen uprising that overthrew a near-feudal system of land tenure, pulling down an aristocracy whose privilege had survived the American Revolution. Few know that the struggles in New York's hills gave powerful impetus to the antislavery movement , to the opening of the West to the common man and woman through the federal Homestead Act and to the birth of the Republican Party that really was the party of Abraham Lincoln. This is so even though Anti-Rentism was a singing movement. Its history, its war cries and its propaganda were the stuff of ballad broadsides, newspaper poetry columns (sometimes front-page material in those impassioned days) and mass rallies. They crossed the Atlantic and appeared in the newspapers and journals of Europe. They were the voices of an era as turbulent in its century as the nineteen - sixties were in their own. Singer and folklorist George Ward - tantalized by the well-chosen handful of Anti-Rent song texts published at the end of Henry Christman's book - set out in search of the musical voices of the Anti-Renters. What he found - in libraries, attics, ancient newspapers and in the memories of families still proudly living on Anti-Rent land - is as vital to the meaning of American democracy today as it was a hundred and fifty years ago. The songs are vivid, passionate tales of battles won and lost, texts composed by candle light in remote rural farmhouses and mailed over pen names to radical newspapers, a prison lament composed on a forbidden fiddle, an anthem sung by a chorus to a Fourth of July rally of thousands and hawked to the crowd by printers' apprentices as a broadside. February 21, 2010 A wonderful afternoon with

"The 3 Rix" Hudson Valley School of Folk Music" at Dutch Arms Chapel in Saugerties. Just as there is a “Hudson River School of Painting”, whose artists like Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, and Jasper Cropsey sought to capture and preserve an idyllic view of the Hudson River Valley, so too is there a lesser known, unofficial “Hudson River School of Folk Music”, among which Rich Bala, Rick Nestler, and Rik Palieri can be counted as some of its “students”. Like those painters who created sweeping vistas of Catskill Mountain landscapes and majestic views of Hudson River scenes, they too are creating an image with lyrics and melodies of the lives and stories of the people who dwelled and settled in this region long ago. Their songs range from those sung by the first European settlers and pioneers to the ballads made up about battles and events of the Revolutionary War; from the shantys of sloop captains, canawlers, and steamboat pilots, to the music of the farms, lumber camps and bluestone quarries; from the songs of hobos, , and those who “rode the rails”, collected by FDR’s WPA Project, to the current environmental movement, and the new songs being sung by those affiliated with the Sloop Clearwater.

December 20, 2009 Holiday Caroling with The Saugerties Girl Scouts. We visited several senior residences and then had good singing fellowship in the Dutch Arms Chapel afterwards.
November 22, 2009 Our 3rd “Hootenanny!/Folk Memorabelia Auction”was a big success. Performers included: Rich Bala –Andy Bing - - Jim Donnelly– Denise Jordan Finley – Creek Iverson - Jackie Keveson - Bob Lusk - Norm Wennet – Hank Yost - Bruce Blair - Bob Horan - David Howells - Pat Keating - Phil Miller – Melissa Ortquist -– Kingston Sea Chantey Singers –- Linda Lewis Grigg- Peggi Mulligan --and many, many others!!!

We thank the following retail music stores for their generous contributions - Alto Music, Barcone’s Music, Reservoir Music, Saker Guitars, Saugerties Music Works, and Woodstock Music

10/4/09 “Bluestone Festival” A wonderful day on the Kingston waterfront with some great musicians. The group BLUESTONE, Hank Yost, the Kingston Sea Chantey Singers, Bruce Blair, Pat Lamamma, James Krueger and Amy Soucy, and Norm Wennet.

August 16, 2009 “Songs and History of the Huckleberry pickers of the Shawangunk Mountains”: Historian Mark Fried will highlight how this local cash crop helped feed NYC in the early part of the 20th century. Kiersted House, Saugerties.

July 19, 2009 “Songs of the Great Catskill Mountain Railroads”: Songs of historic Ulster County Railroads, the U&D and the D&H performed by the Sidewinders, Jim Donnelly and Ira McIntosh at the Empire State Railroad Museum in Phoenicia, NY.

Historic Meeting of Dutch and American Sea Chantey Groups

On June 21st, 2009 for the first time, Dutch and American Sea Chantey groups gathered in Kingston to honor the Quadracentennial of Henry Hudson’s voyage. The concert featured traditional & contemporary Dutch and American folk songs including Hudson and maritime songs. The Dutch Chantey group is Nanne and Ankie and the Hudson Crew and the American group is our own Kingston Sea Chantey Singers. The performance was at the historic Cornell Building on the Kingston Waterfront.

Regional Fiddle Styles of the Catskills and Hudson - Hilton and Stella Kelley.” A wonderful day with Hilton and his wife Stella. Kayrn Eaglefeather provided some vidoe footage of Hilton's fiddling masterclasses. Followed by old time jam session led by Earl Pardini.

3/19/09 “Irish Music of the Hudson Valley with Bob Burroughs”: Irish Harp and flute player talked about the history of local Irish immigrants and perform historic songs and dance tunes of the Hudson Valley. Kiersted House, Saugerties.

2/15/09 “The Shape Note Singing of Louis Edson”: Jim Uhlrich and Mark Anderson gave a participatory workshop in 19th Century singing styles including songs composed by Louis Edson, Singing Master of Christ's Lutheran Church, Woodstock in 1806 Dutch Arms Chapel Saugerties

1/18/09 Songs of the Hudson River. Captain Rick Nestler. Songs and tales of Hudson and others who sailed on the river. Voyages of discovery, commerce and adventure. Kiersted House, Saugerties.


12/14/08 Holiday Caroling in Saugerties. A wonderful time with Girl Scouts and other young people caroling at a senior residence.

11/16/08 Hootenanny andFolk Music Memorabilia Auction at the Unitarian Fellowship in Kingston on Sawkill Road. All your favorite local folk musicians playing together!

10/19/08 Fiddle Fest with Earl Pardini and others. A traditional Catskill Mountain music jam. Fiddles, banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar, bass, etc. with a square dance at the end! Heritage Music Concert Series. At the Dutch Arms Chapel, 16 John, St., in Saugerties, NY

10/5/08 Kingston Bluestone Festival. We had beautiful weather and two stages showcasing a variety of heritage music including folk, blues and bluegrass. Bob Lusk managed the "Historic" stage and Jim Donnelly managed the "Blue" stage. both at the foot of Broadway, in the Roundout, Kingston. Our wonderful lineup of performers included Karen Brooks and Melissa Ortquist, Jim Daniel, Jim Donnelly, Katie Jeanette, Cavanaugh & Kavanaugh, James Krueger and Henry Hermann, The Jules and Rick Orchestra, Amy Laber Bob Lusk, Ernie Mortuzans and Jean Weiss, Norm Wennet, Elly Wininger, The Virginia Wolves, and Hank Yost!

9/21/08 Pat Lamanna and Sue Rosenberg, presented a wonderful multi-media show about Camp Woodland, NY where a large amount of Catskill Mountain Folk Music was collected in the 1950's by the famous collectors Norman Cazden, Norman Studer and Herbert Haufrecht. This gathering brough Woodlanders out of the woodwork! Plans are being made to have a large gathering next year.

Spring 5/18/08 Rich Bala, with the yearly celebration of 19th Century songwriter (1798-1861), Henry Backus, who was called "The Saugerties Bard", at the Dutch Arms Chapel in Saugerties, NY. Rich's presentation sparked a lot of interest in Backus and the Saugerties Village Board has agreed to help plan a memorial to him in 2009.

Spring 4/20/08 Ira & Laurie McIntosh. Ira and Laurie conveyed the rich history of the Catskill region through an informative and entertaining mix of local traditional stories and sings, legends, anecdotes and Catskill Mountain lore. This dynamic show featured both storytelling and music (guitar; mandolin, vocals) at the Dutch Arms Chapel in Saugerties, NY.

Fall 11/18/07 We had a Hootenanny at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills on Sawkill Road in Kingston! The Hoot and auction was a huge sucess - it exceeded our expectations. All your favorite local folk musicians playing together! Over 30 talented performers include Peggy Atwood - Jim Donnelly - Drew Ferraro - Bob Horan - Doc Howells - Pat Keating - Pat Lamanna & Raggedey Crew- Bob Lusk - Kelleigh McKenzie - Ernie Mortuzans and Jean Weiss - Rick Nestler - Constance Rudd - Cecilia St. King - Norm Wennet - Elly Wininger.... and many others! We also had an auction of "Folk Memorabilia" including CD's, songbooks and instruments. Items were donated by Pete Seeger, Wanda Fischer, Barcone's Music, Woodstock Music and many others. We raised over $1,000 which wil be used to help insure our organizations survival in the coming year. [ What's a Hootenanny? Check out or ]

10/14/07 “Songs of the Hudson River Valley” with Kevin and Carol Becker and Rich Keyes. It was a wonderful dynamic performance of traditional and composed songs and dance tunes with banjo, guitar, mountain dulcimer. At the Dutch Arms Chapel in Saugerties.

Fall 9/16/07 "Irish Music of the Catskills and Hudson Valley" with Bob Lusk and Jim Donnelly at Alternative Books in Kingston.

It was a special 6 months to St. Patrick's Day Concert of historic Irish music of the Hudson Valley. Bob and Jim perfom with the local Irish band "Folkloric". Bob Lusk has researched traditional Irish music of New York State including songs of colonial settlers, quarryman, lumberjacks and railroad workers. Jim is a local poet and singer with a special interest in local history. Between them they play a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, and button accordion.

4/29/07 "Catskill and Hudson Valley Folk Songs" at the The Dutch Arms Chapel in Saugerties, NY. Rich Bala, folk balladeer presented a program which included songs of the 19th Century songwriter (1798-1861), Henry Backus, who was called "The Saugerties Bard". He was the composer of romantic, regional and historic songs such as “"My Hearts in Old Esopus", "Hicks the Pirate" and “Explosion of Steamer Steindeer “.

9/24/06 Music of the Catskills and Hudson Valley. This concert featured local folksinger/folklorist Bob Lusk and fiddler Regina Scheff. Included were songs of the Scotch-Irish immigration of the 1700’s, the French & Indian war, songs of the quarrymen and lumberjacks, square dances and fiddle tunes. A lot of the material drew from the research in folk music done by Norman Studer, Norman Cazden and Herbert Haufrecht during the 1950’s at Camp Woodland in Phoenicia, NY.

* Much thanks to Marge Block at the Kiersted House, and Steve and Terri Masardo from the Dutch Arms Chapel for their support. Also thanks to Ernie Mortizans for video taping concerts. They are being shown on Saugerties Public TV.